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Test Your Safety Sign Knowledge
Fill in this form to Win a Voucher towards your next Hylyte Safety purchase!

Test your Safety Sign Knowledge

Try our Safety Sign Quiz, answers all the questions to get a discount voucher to use with your next purchase! What is the appropriate message for each of these Signs?

Tick correct box

Do Not Drink
Do Not Hang a Tap off the Wall
Do Not Use a Black Cup
Do Not Tell Mum I am Drinking
Do Not Swim in Cup

No Ugly Feet
Do Not Wear One Thong
Do Not Hang your Thong in the Air
Do Not Wear Thongs
No Feet Allowed

No Entry
Authorised Persons Only
Do Not Enter
No Thoroughfare
All of the Above!

Do Not Light Sticks
No Squiggly Lines
No Smoking
Beware of the Curves
Ghost Ahead

It is Sunny Wear Shades
Blue Man Ahead
Beware of People with No Mouth
Safety Goggles Must Be Worn in this Area
It is Cool to be Blue

Michael Jackson Zone
Simon Says Hide Your Nose
Smelly Sock Ahead
Man with No Eyes Ahead
Dust Mask Must Be Worn In this Area

Warning Glowing Clothes Ahead
Stripes are In this Season
Safety Vest Must Be Worn
AFL Players Ahead
Wear a Seat Belt that Glows

Forty Year Olds Only
Today is the 40th
40km Per Hour Zone
There Must Be 40 People in Your Car at All Times
Only 40 Cars Permitted on this Road

Ten Cars Per Child
Cars and Children Must Be Ten Years Old
It is Ten Ks to the Next Child
The Number Ten Hovering Over a Car and Child is Never good
Shared Zone

Black Trucks In Triangles Ahead
Road Goes Nowhere
Beware of Vehicles
Trucks Should Be Yellow
Small Black Vehicles Only Permitted to Ride the Triangle

What Sign do you Think Should go Here?

What The?
Discount Signs Ahead
From This Point on You Must Hover
New Sign Installation Team Very Thorough
Far too Many Signs !!!


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