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 eNewsletter: March/April 2011

Common Workplace Accidents and How to Avoid Them 

It's an unfortunate fact that accidents at work happen. you are supposed to be completely safe at your place of work but, whether you're dealing with dangerous equipment or simply suffer a slip or trip at the office, accidents occur.

There effects can be anything, from the simple need to rest to life-altering changes.

Depending on your place of work, some types or accidents happen more frequently than others.

However, there does tend to be particular types of accident that can occur throughout the spectrum of professions, and these can be some of the most dangerous.

One such type of common accident is a simple slip or trip. This can be caused by anything, from putting a foot wrong going down the stairs to slipping in a contaminated area, where bad housekeeping has meant that liquid has been spilt or objects have been left in the way that could cause the accident.

Many slips and trips amount to relatively little - but some have serious effects that could change the life of, or in some cases even kill, the victim.

To avoid such accidents, employers should ensure that several methods are put in place. For example, cables should be taped down or hidden away; offices and other workplaces should be kept clean and tidy, with spillages dealt with immediately to avoid anybody stepping into them. Worn out flooring should be replaced with new, suitable flooring, and if it can get icy outside, the ground should be gritted to avoid people slipping on the ice.

It can be incredibly simple to do that little bit extra to prevent any slips and trips from occuring - and it's definitely worth it. However, there are many other ways employees could sustain and injury in the workplace, and it's up to the employer to make sure that they have done everything they can to prevent this.

Electrical accidents can be some of the most life-threatening kind and can come from something as simple as a poorly-wired plug. Electrical equipment ought to be well maintained and appropriate for the job it is undertaking and, if employees are using powerful equipment as part of thier job, they should be fully trained.

There's always a chance that a victim of an accident will sue and if it turns out to be the employers fault, the victim could be entitled to compensation for their suffering.



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